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Pointe Claire
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A)      Know the rules

The Guidelines from Tennis Quebec have precedence over the summary below.

·         Court Rules

·         Courts must be reserved using the online reservation system explained below, with all the players listed. This is for tracking in case an infection is reported. If you walk up to an empty court, RESERVE IT on the spot.

·         Play according to the reservation. Please plan to leave the court 5-10 minutes before the hour to avoid congestion

·         The chalet and the bathroom are not available

·         People Rule

·         Do not play if you are at risk, not feeling well or potentially carrying the virus

·         Keep your distance using current guidelines for distancing

·         Equipment rules

·         Bring your own balls, mark them and only use them.

·         Do not touch other people’s equipment or belongings

B)       Fill, sign and return the membership form

·         The form is available here.

·         You can deliver it by regular mail using the address on the form OR drop it at either of these addresses:

·         Martin: 159 Lakeview Avenue

·         Nicolas: 237 Lakeview Avenue


C)     Pay for your membership

·         You can include the cheque or cash with the form, or send the payment electronically using Interac on your bank’s portal. Simply send the money to tennisclearpoint@gmail.com

·         The 2019 price schedule is initially unchanged for this year, even as our fixed costs have increased.

D)     Set your profile in the reservation system

·         Your online account will be set up once we receive your completed form unless it was already set up for you during our trial of the product.

·         Take the time to get familiar with the system, verify we have the correct contact information (mandatory) and indicate your preferences for playing, your skill level, and other options.

·         Remember there is wi-fi connectivity near the chalet; the system works well on a mobile phone

·         A French version is coming

Questions ? Contact Martin !


(514) 572-0343

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