Philosophy, Rules and Etiquette


Clearpoint Tennis Club accommodates and includes players of all ages and levels. It gives opportunities for casual players to play without the need to organize groups in advance, and for players of mixed levels and skills to play together. Equally, the club respects the rights of groups of players of similar skill levels who wish to play together as part of an informal group. These arrangements are facilitated through the board play described in the rules. The club encourages stronger more experienced players to accept games with newer, less skilled players giving them the chance to improve by including them in their selection. Through round robins and social events we provide an environment for friendly social contact.


Rules For Play

Court Schedule: Players should consult the posted Court Schedule to determine court availability.

Court Time: Playing time is for periods of 45 minutes.

Use of The Board

When a court is unoccupied, put your tags on the board under that court number and record the time that you leave the deck (starting time) on the chalk board. If the courts are fully occupied, and players are waiting, the period of play is 45 minutes. However, if no one is waiting, you may continue playing until player(s) show up.

Player(s) waiting: Puts his/her tag on the reservation row of the board, to await a finish time (first court for 45 min to be up). When the 45 minutes play time has expired or if it has already expired place tags under court number to be occupied and mark starting time on the chalk board. You may walk on to that court at a break in play. If the waiting players are a foursome, they replace all the players on that court. If they are two (or 3 or 1) they may invite retiring players to join them.


Singles play: Allowed when there are not enough players to fill all courts with doubles play, OR during the periods designated as Single Play. Singles play is subject to the same 45 min rule and rotation as for doubles play if people are waiting and wish to play. Note: If a singles game is in progress on a court outside of scheduled singles court time, and where members are waiting, singles players are allowed to finish their 45 minutes of play.


During periods where singles play is indicated on the Court Schedule, singles games will have equal priority for play, as doubles games. Singles players are not obligated to play in doubles games even if players are waiting for a game, during such designated periods.


Starting time of play: If all courts are occupied (doubles or singles) the court with no starting time indicated on the board will be assumed to have been in play the longest and therefore the next available court.


Court Rules

No player should enter the Court without wearing appropriate tennis attire

No player should enter the Court without footwear suitable for Har-Tru surfaces

Before entering the court every player must post their tag and their start time. Start time is defined as the time they leave the deck according to the club clock.

Any member may bring a guest to play at the club subject to the following:

1. The member is responsible for registering the guest’s name in the guest book, along with their own name, and ensuring that the $10 guest fee is paid before entry to the courts.
2. The same guest can only be invited 3 times during the season, before membership will be required.
3. The member is responsible for the guest during their visit, and a guest tag must be posted before play.
4. The inviting member is liable for the guest fee if unpaid (The club will issue an invoice and may charge an additional administrative fee for unpaid guest fees).

Entry to the court is through the South gate for Court 1 only, through the West Gate for Courts 2, 3, and 4, and through the North Gate for Court 5 only. No-one should pass through a court while a point is in play – seek a pause in play where you may safely move through.

Etiquette During Play

1. The club expects members and their guests to respect and observe the dress code for tennis including appropriate footwear.
2. Do your best to minimise disruption in your fellow players’ games:
a. When entering or exiting the Courts make sure you have your full group ready to play before you go onto the Court
b. Use the correct gates for entry and exit, and if you have to cross a court wait for a break in play, and ensure the occupying players are aware of your incursion.
c. If your ball lands in someone else’s court, at the first pause in play on that court, ask for it to be returned to you, if that fails ask if you may get the ball yourself.
3. Record the start time accurately, i.e. the time you leave the chalet. Incorrectly recording the time by adding time only causes disputes when court changes are necessary.
4. When you are about to enter a court to break-up the game in play because time has expired, do not step onto the court until the current point has concluded.
5. If your play is curtailed because your court time has expired, end your game immediately after the point is played, and vacate the court. Otherwise you are using another groups’ court time.
6. Line calls are solely the prerogative of the receiving side.
7. Always be courteous in your interactions with other players – particularly when breaking up a game, or when your game is being broken-up. Tennis is intended to be a social sport.